Start a SaaS this week 📆

Because if not this week, then when? Even if you have a software engineering job with a good salary, wouldn’t it still make sense to start building a SaaS as a solo developer?

⏱ It will separate your time from your income. Of course, you’ll need to spend time on your SaaS too, but your MRR wouldn’t depend on the number of hours you spend each month.

🏃‍♀️ It will give you freedom. Maybe you like your job. Great! But owning a SaaS will give you freedom. Freedom to quit your job. Freedom to take time off. Freedom to downgrade to a part-time role that you enjoy more.

🏦 It will be a valuable asset. SaaS startups built by solo developers sell for ~5x ARR. This means that your little SaaS making $10k MRR is $500,000 in your bank. Maybe you want to sell it one day and buy a house.

😌 It will give you more meaning. Jobs in tech companies are different, but often the engineer is quite far from the people who use the product. There are product managers, sprints, and backlogs. But as a solo SaaS founder, you’ll be very close to the real people using your product. You talk to them, listen to their feedback, and keep spending time improving your product.

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