MicroFounder surfaces the best new microstartups built by solo developers

It's possible for a solo developer to build a profitable microstartup to pay the bills and live life on their own terms!

Who is a microfounder?

Microfounder is someone who builds and runs a small profitable internet startup as a solo developer.

Where does the revenue data come from?

I publish monthly revenue for every microstartup listed. The revenue data comes directly from my conversations with the founders or from the public sources (their Open Startup page, Twitter, etc). Some of the revenue is verified by Stripe, some not. I'm planning to add more functionality around revenue in the future (verification, monthly charts, etc).

Who is the author of this site?

MicroFounder is built and maintained by a solo developer Rauno Metsa (mostly from his bedroom.)

You can email me rauno@raumet.com