Side project friendly remote jobs

5 remote jobs in companies who support and encourage personal side projects in their team, like Convert, Giant Swarm, and Input Logic, who are hiring in February 2024. Latest remote job posted at 1 year ago.

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Frontend Developer

1 year
Victoria Harrison At Convert we encourage people to develop their entrepreneurial selves. A large percentage of the team have separate businesses and clients, with one member even owning their own SaaS startup! We often see the team sharing their non-Convert successes in the #all_humblebrag channel in Slack. Why do we encourage entrepreneurialism? We're an experimentation company. Having people that are looking to take risks, try new things and have a growth mindset, helps us keep improving and innovating as a company.

Platform Engineer

1 year
Giant Swarm
Joshua Olson - Kerrigan At Giant Swarm we are 100% committed to upstream and we are big contributors to the Open Source community - as such, we fully encourage our employees to work on side projects. Furthermore, as we move towards the 4 day, 32 hour work week, we hope that this will free up more time for our employees to work on passion projects (:

Front-end Developer

1 year
Input Logic
Shawn Adrian We’re into work/life balance, side projects, flexible hours, and avoiding unnecessary meetings.

Technical Support Engineer

1 year
Ian Landsman We all work hard on the clock but respect and offer employees an outstanding work/life balance where time off, side project work, and part-time businesses are fully supported.

Fullstack MVP Engineer

1 year
Sam Claassen If SafetyWing had an anti-side project mentality, I still would have built the project. It just would have been in secret and without any benefit to the company. Because they were open to it, it became a new growth project.