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How did you come up with the microstartup idea?

I believe the best way to come up with a microstartup ideas is to solve your own "pain" or somebody's else "pain", but something you are super familiar with. Tomas the co-founder has been a content writer and editor for many years. He also managed...

We actually shipped 1 new SaaS every 2 weeks during 4 months until something sticked. Tweet Hunter was like the 10th project we shipped this way. We built it to help ourselves in the first place in growing on Twitter.

I use Notion to write a lot of my content and having to switch to other tools to schedule tweets is a pain for me

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How did you find your first customers?

By building in public on Twitter. I built the MVP in a weekend, shared it on Twitter and got some tractions. A few weeks later, someone mentioned KTool on Hacker News and I got my first sale.

First through our own network and then by launching on Product Hunt

Build in Public on Twitter. I started sharing my journey from $0 MRR on Twitter and it quite resonated. In fact, I started out with 300 followers and since I have "launched" HelpKit on Twitter I gained ~1000 followers. The first two sales were actual...

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How are you finding your customers today?

We're running Google Ads to drive traffic and trying to be active on twitter. Writing blog posts, etc. A really surprising source of customers has been alternativeto.net. The traffic from there tends to be very high quality since people are actual...

Today most of the traffic and signups are still coming from the channels used previously (i.e. Reddit and product-specific forums). There is also solid organic traffic being generated by the Cloakist Blog. A few posts are ranking well for niche keywo...

Our product is very niche. Users are from the AV industry, broadcasting and some education and corporate. We made some connections to AV professional communities. We do some moderate SEO and Facebook ads turned out to work quite well in our field.

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What's your advice for other microfounders who want to get started?

Start, but start small and preferably centered around something you'd find useful yourself. You don't know what you don't know — and there's only one way to find out: by trying things out, experiencing everything first hand. The way to win is to t...

* It's okay to say no. You can not satisfy everyone when you have a small bootstrapped team, but that's okay. * The art of persisting. Every day, I'm replying to emails, answering questions, writing help docs and Filip is coding and helping users out...

Keep at it and focus on your core featues. Don't spend too much time building something before hitting the market. But try to nail down whatever problem you're trying to solve and listen to your customers to improve it.

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