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How did you come up with the microstartup idea?

I struggle with organizing and reading tweets I bookmarked a lot. There were lots of gems regarding development tips, business tweets, and lessons from indie hackers. But they were almost buried and I can't connect to my daily learnings. When I tr...

My wife was working as an x-ray technician and wanted to get into back-end development. I couldn't find an existing platform that checked all the boxes for her. I wanted a platform that was: Inexpensive Gamified Focused on CS and back-end tech...

I was working as a contractor, and was looking after a growing number of periodic processes (data imports, backups). I wanted to get actively notified if any job starts to fail (for any reason: bug in code, external system down, out of disk, out of m...

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How did you find your first customers?

We found our first customers within our beta testers, which were friends and people from Twitter.

My first customers came from the Product Hunt launch

I sponsored a few YouTubers to build tutorials with my tool! The videos cost about $2-3k USD per video and have since paid themselves off 😊

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How are you finding your customers today?

Still some through Beeminder and various coworking rooms. Lots of referrals through Twitter, where I'm quite active. And still plenty of word of mouth, since people who love the system really love it and it's very unique. I've started making some You...

Now I focus a lot on creating blog posts. It's a good way to build up keywords and get organic users through search.

Same as my first customer, but I have great marketing plans for the future (as soon as I've finished building all the features, right?).

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What's your advice for other microfounders who want to get started?

There is only one rule. Pivot. Iterate. Experiment. But DO. NOT. QUIT.

Focus on one thing. Senja's growth stagnated in the first 4 months after the launch because I kept trying to "diversify" and build a portfolio of small bets. If I never gave it enough time and attention, it would have died with the rest of my...

Definitely have a marketing mindset from the very beginning. Although building a great product is important, you need to spend at least 50% of you time thinking about how to get the word out about your product. If it's not you doing the marketing, at...

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