How did you find your first customers?

8 microstartup founders like , Herman Martinus, and Max share how they found their first customers for their startup. Latest answer 3 months ago.

Tweetsmash ($1.5k/mo) by Ramya Chinnadurai 🚀

We found our first customer through a tweet about a discussion for an idea that syncs bookmarks to Notion. Though we didn't have that feature built at the time, we were really excited to try it out.

So we just shared our product under replies and said Notion sync is under development. Our first customer is KP, he tried our product immediately and really like it. After we shipped the Notion sync in the next 2 days, we manage to show him a demo of it. Eventually, he became our very first customer.

He is our primary supporter ever since. The next 2-3 customers also came from his shoutout tweet ($8.1k/mo) by Lane

Through blogging and SEO primarily. I had a coding blog that I had started about a year before I published the first course on I simply added some CTAs to the blog and started to get a small trickle of traffic.

Healthchecks ($9.9k/mo) by Pēteris Caune

Healthchecks initially had no paid plans. The free users came from social media mentions, word of mouth. I posted on Twitter, Reddit, HN. I started a development blog on Medium. Botched a Product Hunt launch. Answered some StackOverflow and Quora questions.

EngagementBuilder ($200/mo) by Amer Sikira

We found our first customers within our beta testers, which were friends and people from Twitter. ($20/mo) by Kolby Sisk

My first customers came from the Product Hunt launch

Chat Engine ($2.5k/mo) by Adam La Morre

I sponsored a few YouTubers to build tutorials with my tool! The videos cost about $2-3k USD per video and have since paid themselves off 😊

Complice ($6.6k/mo) by Malcolm Ocean is home in NS (48/100 vids)

My first 10-20 customers were friends of mine. After that, I started getting a bit of word of mouth and new customers via communities. Since I'm a designer & developer more than a marketer or sales guy, I leveraged this strength and built some integrations with Beeminder and the Less Wrong Study Hall, and these partnerships brought in a lot of the early customers (the first 100-200).

Bank Converter ($6k/mo) by Angus Cheng

I bought Google search ads. It was an exercise in losing money, but worth it for the feedback from users.

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