How are you finding your customers today?

8 microstartup founders like Adam La Morre, Malcolm Ocean is home in NS (48/100 vids), and Angus Cheng share how they are finding their customers today when their startup is already making money. Latest answer 20 hours ago.

Chat Engine ($2.5k/mo) by Adam La Morre

I mainly record my own videos and keep collecting traffic off the old videos posted by others.

I also passively explore other growth vectors (like Microfounder!)

Complice ($6.6k/mo) by Malcolm Ocean is home in NS (48/100 vids)

Still some through Beeminder and various coworking rooms. Lots of referrals through Twitter, where I'm quite active. And still plenty of word of mouth, since people who love the system really love it and it's very unique. I've started making some YouTube videos but that hasn't taken off yet.

Bank Converter ($6k/mo) by Angus Cheng

Now I focus a lot on creating blog posts. It's a good way to build up keywords and get organic users through search.

Copylime ($100/mo) by Peter Mick 

Same as my first customer, but I have great marketing plans for the future (as soon as I've finished building all the features, right?).

Birdy ($200/mo) by Maxime Dupré 🥹🚀

Today, word of mouth is pretty much doing most of it. I am also pretty active about doing a couple of cold DMs every day using the powerful Twitter search engine 🙌

Senja ($250/mo) by Wilson Wilson

Word of mouth and search are our second biggest acquisition channels. The customers that come from those sources always give incredible feedback!

GreenBooks ($1.5k/mo) by Yi Lin

One success I've had is a cold outreach to Setapp (, which is a Mac apps subscription service. After becoming a part of Setapp, my user base (and income) doubled over night.

Now, I am working on using content marketing and networking to drive traffic to my site, instead of just relying on the App Store to bring new users.

Ekofi Nova ($750/mo) by Ferhat Suat Erdoğan

Reaching them in Reddit, Twitter :)

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