How are you finding your customers today?

8 microstartup founders like Oren Aksakal, Gabriel Galatti, and irek.khasianov share how they are finding their customers today when their startup is already making money. Latest answer 9 months ago.

Tally ($24k/mo) by Gabriel Galatti

Did you lauch free and pro version on the same time?

Storista ($1k/mo) by irek.khasianov

Shopify Ads and partnerships

GetBaked.Design ($700/mo) by Nick

Twitter has been amazing so far, we were able to reach $700 MRR in 20 days of launching our design as a service.

Tweetsmash ($1.5k/mo) by Ramya Chinnadurai 🚀

Mostly Twitter and initial word of mouth from our users!

Build in Public is helping us a lot to have an audience who follow our product updates and the journey we share via tweet. Also, we share our product in replies under discussion about bookmarks. This also brings us a few customers.

We are working on more channels - Indiehackers, Reddit and others. ($8.1k/mo) by Lane

Still mostly blogging and SEO, though now I'm also doing collaborative content creation with other creators in the space. I'd like to do a lot more guesting on podcasts and youtube channels, I think that's a great way to get the word out while providing value for free at the same time.

Healthchecks ($9.9k/mo) by Pēteris Caune

Free users come primarily from organic search results, and from word of mouth. Some users over time grow out of the free plan's limits (can take years), and convert to paid.

EngagementBuilder ($200/mo) by Amer Sikira

Today we are working with several marketing channels like Twitter, IndieHackers, Facebook, Instagram and others. Many of those customers are coming through Twitter and IndieHackers. Now, we're working on expanding our channels to SEO. ($20/mo) by Kolby Sisk

Unfortunately I haven't had time to focus on marketing since the launch, but I'm planning on picking it back up soon.

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