How did you come up with the microstartup idea?

8 microstartup founders like Herman Martinus, Max, and Ramya Chinnadurai ๐Ÿš€ share how they came up with their startup idea. Latest answer 1 month ago.

Tweetsmash ($1.5k/mo) by Ramya Chinnadurai ๐Ÿš€

I struggle with organizing and reading tweets I bookmarked a lot. There were lots of gems regarding development tips, business tweets, and lessons from indie hackers. But they were almost buried and I can't connect to my daily learnings.

When I tried a few tools available in the market, none suits my need. My requirement was not just a bookmark manager but to be a system to curate and read regularly. Having this will help me curate high-signal tweets from Twitter and connect it to my learnings.

That's how the idea of Tweetsmash came. ($8.1k/mo) by Lane

My wife was working as an x-ray technician and wanted to get into back-end development. I couldn't find an existing platform that checked all the boxes for her. I wanted a platform that was:

Focused on CS and back-end tech
Interactive (writing real code and doing real projects)

Healthchecks ($9.9k/mo) by Pฤ“teris Caune

I was working as a contractor, and was looking after a growing number of periodic processes (data imports, backups). I wanted to get actively notified if any job starts to fail (for any reason: bug in code, external system down, out of disk, out of memory, whole VM destroyed by error, ...). I knew the concept of Dead Man's Switch from Wikipedia surfing, and it clicked.

I did not start with the intention of building a microstartup. It started as a fun weekend prototype, then a side project, and over time grew into my main job.

EngagementBuilder ($200/mo) by Amer Sikira

My co-founder Emme came up with the idea after he had struggled to keep up with all notifications on Twitter. The UI and UX was just not right and also it is too crowded with different stuff, that you usually don't even need, like ads and topics. So he decided to change that and to make his own product. ($20/mo) by Kolby Sisk

On the 4th of July my Granny asked me to send her photos of my kids. Not on a screen, but "actually printed and delivered". This gave me the idea, and 1 month later I launched !

Chat Engine ($2.5k/mo) by Adam La Morre

As a freelancer I needed to build chat for many customers. However, building chat on my own was hard and all the products out there were $500+ per month.

I wanted something freemium, fairly priced, had great documentation and practical tutorials. If a tool like that existed I'd still gladly be freelancing!

Complice ($6.6k/mo) by Malcolm Ocean is home in NS (48/100 vids)

I'd been using a kind of hacky version of this goal-tracking system myself for a year or soโ€”a mashup of a paper goals workbook called Pick Four and a digital daily action journal called iDoneThis... and I thought I'd see if I could make an app that combined the two. Over the months and years I folded a bunch of other elements in, which I wrote about in this Everything Is A Remix thread here:

Bank Converter ($6k/mo) by Angus Cheng

I wanted to analyse my spending, and found that my bank only provides PDF statements. I wrote some code to extract the transaction records. Then I figured other people might have the same problem.

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