What's your advice for other microfounders who want to get started?

8 microstartup founders like irek.khasianov, Joel Dare, and Franck JANKOWSKI share their advice for developers who want to build their own profitable internet startups. Latest answer 4 weeks ago.

Storista ($1k/mo) by irek.khasianov

Invest in SEO and partnerships, later it will work for you

Protective Metrics ($0/mo) by Joel Dare

I'm not far enough along to be a trusted source but I would make one suggestion. Just launch. Your thought, idea, article, app, or service doesn't need to be complete or perfect. Think of the most simple thing you could create and release it. If your idea isn't popular, not a lot of people are going to see it anyway. So, put yourself out there and launch something. Then iterate and launch again.

Tweetsmash ($1.5k/mo) by Ramya Chinnadurai 🚀

Validate if the problem you are facing right now is experienced by more users. If yes, jump-start building it as a side project preferably in front of a community ( Twitter in our case ).

This would for sure correct the course of your product very early in the development phase. While doing this try to find your first paid customer and validate this idea.

Once you find more ways to scale this to cover your basic expenses, become full-time to work on this idea.

Boot.dev ($8.1k/mo) by Lane

Get started, but don't overcommit. Get started with a plausible idea, and do everything you can to test its validity early on, then bail if it's not working.

Healthchecks ($9.9k/mo) by Pēteris Caune

It is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience pays off.

EngagementBuilder ($200/mo) by Amer Sikira

Just start! That's the most important thing. Once you start work on your idea, validate it first and then constantly talk to your users. There is no one who knows better what your app/product/service should look like than your customer. Try to improve your service every day. And service/product is not improved, only, when you add new features. It is also enhanced if you work on your marketing, customer service, support, etc. As long as your customer is in the center of your next move (improvement), you're safe and sound.

Joyline.io ($20/mo) by Kolby Sisk

Create a template to document your ideas.
Create a process to build and validate your ideas.
Always be building. Validate often. If validation starts to weaken, move on to the next idea.
You'll likely have hundreds of partially built products before you find 1 that is successful. It's part of the process. Keep building.

Chat Engine ($2.5k/mo) by Adam La Morre

When you have an idea, make sure you're just as excited about the distribution method as you are about the product itself.

Building a product is EASY, finding customers is HARD. Make sure the best part of your idea is how you'll get people to find it!

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