Build a Niche Google 🔎

"Google is no longer producing high quality search results in a significant number of important categories." – Michael Seibel on Twitter

"A startup usually has to start with a niche market. Why not try writing a search engine specifically for some category dominated by SEO spam?" – Paul Graham on Twitter

People are noticing the spam, and are already using Google in a different way.

Want to know how much funding this startup has?
You Google: "contra crunchbase"

Want to know what others think about a SaaS?
You Google: "pipedrive capterra"

"A key question is how to build habitual recall to use your product over Google."Daniel Gross

One way to solve it is by building the best site in your niche.

Not a site that is gaming SEO.
Not a site that looks like the best.

But a site that is actually the best site in your niche.

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