Spend time on SEO πŸ“ˆ

Traffic peaks are addictive! You post something to Hacker News and 10,000+ people will see it in the next 10h.

This is both exciting and scary – you create something and now thousands of people will see it and can leave comments about it.

But it has a very short life span. What comes up quickly, must go down quickly. In 24h, most have forgotten it.

SEO is different. It’s a slow process where you don’t see instant results. You write this blog post which starts to (maybe) get you some traffic from Google in two months. This can make it hard to find the motivation to work on it today when it brings you results over the next several years.

But the best way is to combine both instant and long-term traffic. Write a blog post and post it to Reddit, Hacker News, or any other relevant site. At the same time, make sure it’s SEO-friendly and Google will start doing its job to bring you results for several years.

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