Automate repetitive tasks 🤖

Microfounders enjoy creating something new. This is one of the reasons why we focus so much on our product features (when we maybe should focus on marketing.)

But often some repetitive tasks need to be done and we just don’t find the motivation to do them.

"Regarding the growth on LinkedIn it’s quite simple. We curate valuable content (writing jobs) and share all of them consistently on LinkedIn. And it’s all automated. People love consistency and good content, in this case new job opportunities. It took around 2 years to get to 150K, will be probably over 200K by the end of this year." – ✏️ Content Writing Jobs ($3.6k/mo) by Edgaras

This was 4 months ago. Today, they’ve reached 199,410 followers on LinkedIn. This is a good example of how powerful automation is. Time passes for all of us, but these founders who automate their processes keep growing while others don’t.

So, it’s a good idea to try to automate as many things as possible. You only need to build the robot once and it will do its job. You don’t have to pay a salary to it, only give some occasional care when something breaks.

But what if you can’t automate? Not everything is possible to delegate to a robot.

💼 Hire. We’re building our startups as solo developers for a reason – we want to work ourselves and not hire a team (at least for a while.) But sometimes there can be small repetitive tasks that take our time and focus off from other – maybe more creative – things and so it can be useful to spend a little money for a little help.

😎 Find a co-founder. There are things that you don’t enjoy doing but someone else does. We remember how well it worked for Uku and Marko when growing Plausible from $1k to $100k per month through the power of dev+marketing co-founders.

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