Just start 🎬

When I ask microfounders what’s their advice for starting a startup as a solo developer, they often mention the importance of, well... starting:

"I think the hardest thing is just to start." – πŸ“¦ NotionForms ($8k/mo) by Julien Nahum

"Start doing whatever it is. Talk to your customers every day. You will figure out more on the way." – πŸ“† Calendesk ($3.1k/mo) by Maciej Cupial

"The classic, if you do not start, you will never get anywhere." – πŸ“¬ EmailEngine ($2.8k/mo) by Andris Reinman

"Just go ahead and do it. Launch your MVP first." – πŸ’½ SQLPad ($11k/mo) by Leon Wei

But how do you start? If you already have an idea of what you want to build, it should be – at least theoretically – easy to start. You know what you want to build and so you just start building it.

The struggle can be of finding the motivation, time, and energy to do it. If you find yourself with the idea that’s just a thought in your head, it can be helpful to just start doing something... anything. Just to take the very first step.

But what to do when you don’t have an idea yet? Instead of waiting for the right idea, what if you could also just start?

And you can – the project to work on could be anything because the point is to get out of the waiting period and start doing something. You can write a blog, start tweeting, or build a random fun side project.

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