Building on top of Notion 📦

Todo lists, roadmaps, engineering wikis, meeting notes. Many people use Notion to organize their work.

So why not use Notion for other tasks, like scheduling Tweets or building a knowledge base?

Several microstartups – like Potion ($4.3k/mo) – use Notion as a website builder, converting the content directly to a website that can be published on a custom domain, adding some valuable extensions like custom CSS or SEO improvements.

Others are also treating Notion as a CMS, but converting the data into something entirely different. Here are some of the use cases:

✏️ NotionForms ($8k/mo) is an easy-to-use form builder
🧐 HelpKit ($2k/mo) builds a knowledge base from your Notion
🪶 Feather ($190 MRR) is a complete blogging platform
🐦 Queue ($116/mo) lets you schedule tweets

Dominik – the microfounder of HelpKit – has also been using Notion for years, and this is where the need to build HelpKit was born:

"I have been using Notion for a few years now. It’s an amazing tool for storing and organizing all of my company’s knowledge and documentation. After a while, I realized that I need something that I can expose to my customers."

He started building public on Twitter with only 300 followers but the topic resonated and he was quickly able to gain ~1000 followers.

"The first two sales were actually made as a pre-order to see if someone would be willing to pay money for the product without the product even existing."

Pre-selling your startup can be a great motivation to start working on it, but for Dominik it was actually the positive feedback from Twitter that kept him building.

"I had the pre-order running for two weeks and honestly hoped to have more than 2 pre-orders but the feedback of both was so encouraging that I knew I am onto something."

It’s actually quite popular to build a microstartup on top of a popular platform. 14% of all startups on MicroFounder are built for other platforms, and Notion being #2 after Twitter. Maybe because it’s easier to grow a tool for an app people are already using, or because it’s natural to extend an existing platform’s functionality.

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