Start with the audience, not the idea πŸ‘₯

It can be hard to start a new startup without funding as a solo developer when you don’t know if it succeeds or not. How can you increase your chances?

One way is to start with the audience. Not by writing code. Not by coming up with the idea.

Adam Nathan and Steve Schoger did this. Arvid Kahl wrote a book about it.

"Since I already built a large audience in marketing, it was clear to me that the highest chance of success was to build something for this existing audience." – πŸ™‚ Friendly ($14k/mo) by Stefan Vetter

Do we need to have a huge audience to increase our chances? Probably not, rather it’s about who these people are. Like Dominik, who made the first two sales without the product even existing yet.

"The first two sales were actually made as a pre-order to see if someone would be willing to pay money for the product without the product even existing." – 🀝 HelpKit ($3k/mo) by Dominik Sobe

He found these first paying customers on Twitter having only 300 followers at the time.

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