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Yesterday I shared some advice from successful microfounders who highlighted the importance of starting.

But when you do find an idea that feels good to you and you see the potential in it, there’s the next set of advice from them:

"It also has to be something you can work with for at least for 2-3 years (there are rarely quick wins). Don’t worry, you will succeed eventually if you are consistent and keep iterating and exploring." – ✏️ Content Writing Jobs ($3.6k/mo) by Edgaras

"The art of persisting. Every day, I’m replying to emails, answering questions, writing help docs and Filip is coding and helping users out non-stop." – πŸ— Tally ($14k/mo) by Marie

It can be easy to abandon your project as soon as you launch and don’t see instant results – be it visitors or paying customers – but I’ve been looking closely how microfounders build their startups for the last 3+ years and I’ve almost never seen a real overnight success.

SQLPad founder Leon – who’s currently making $11,000+ per month after working on it for 2+ years – says it well:

"It may take a long time to find the first paid customer, so if you believe your idea and have faith, be patient and spend more time marketing your product as soon as possible."

While the theory makes sense, in practice it could be hard to find the consistency to keep building. Maybe these small things could be helpful to consider:

πŸ“† Do something (even if it’s small) every (week)day
πŸ“ Keep a log (or better: share on Twitter) what you did today
πŸ’‘ Remind yourself why are you building this
πŸ–₯ Have a routine: a specific time and place for building your microstartup

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