Automate repetitive tasks on any website

Browserflow lets you automate anything that you can do manually in your browser, but faster. Build powerful automations using an extensive library of built-in commands, or write custom logic with code.

Rauno Metsa
Humans are not very interested in doing repetitive tasks, but robots seem to be fine with it. Did you have to automate some things in the browser yourself, or where did you get the idea from?
DK ✌🏽
After successfully launching another product, I was quickly overwhelmed by all the feedback I was getting via Google Forms.

I found myself spending too much time copying and pasting information between Google Sheets and other tools and thought, "Hm, I should automate this process."

1.5 years of development and many more features later, I had a tool that could automate anything on any website :)
Rauno Metsa
How did you find your first customers?
DK ✌🏽
I began by sharing demos of Browserflow on Twitter and people reached out about different use cases they had.
Rauno Metsa
How are you finding your customers today?
DK ✌🏽
I honesty don't have a good plan or channel for finding customers — they find me. Browserflow's been growing almost entirely via word-of-mouth as far as I can tell, but I'm planning to change that this year by devoting more time to pushing content and working on SEO.
Rauno Metsa
Advice for other microfounders who want to get started?
DK ✌🏽
Find something you're truly passionate about. Creating a successful business as a solo founder is a long journey, and it's all too common to quit when you don't see initial traction. You want to work on things in the intersection of things you love and things that people find valuable — you need both to stick it out long enough to see your project turn into a success.



Founded: May 2020
Age: 2y 3m
Recurring revenue