Microfounders move fast 🏎

I started as a web developer, creating websites for the companies who found me on the web. I moved quickly – wrote some emails with the client, made a design, connected it to my own custom-built CMS, and invoiced them. 

If there was something to change on the site, or a bug to be fixed, I got an email from the client and I did it on the same day or sometimes even within 15 minutes.

But then I joined a team in an office. I was surprised by how slowly things went! You had a meeting with seven people to mostly chat and maybe – maybe! – to decide on something.

So, I quickly learned that things move much slower in a team. Someone leads the project, someone else does the design, and others write code. When there’s a small thing to fix or improve, it can easily take days (whereas the same thing took me 15 minutes when working alone).

And I think this is maybe one of the biggest advantages microfounders have over their competitors – as they work alone, they move fast. They can make decisions fast and they can do the actual solution fast.

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