Excitement is gone ☹️

Founders on Tech-Twitter talk a lot about strategies and growth hacks, but maybe the most important thing is actually the skill to manage your mood and excitement.

If you don’t have the motivation and energy to work on your startup, no strategy or growth hack will fix this.

We have noticed this "lack of motivation" several times among microfounders, too. Many highlight it just as a "struggle" or maybe say that reaching enough money takes a long time.

"This is a struggle. I just want to see results straight away and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that!"Lydia Virtual Assistant ($3k/mo) by Lydia

Rauno – the microfounder of MicroFounder – has also noticed the lack of motivation several times on his founder’s journey. They come and go.

"But what’s interesting is that they always mean growth. They’re like these little "reset" moments, processes that my mind goes through to have a new perspective on my startups."MicroFounder ($1k/mo) by Rauno

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