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Rauno Metsa
Job boards are probably everyone's favorite side projects for the last several years, but only a few of them seem to work out.

Very cool to see that your niche job board is making a good revenue!

I'm curious how you find your clients, do you reach out to them or they find you?
Nathan Bosia

Having been in video games for 20+ years, I had a bit of an unfair advantage.

95% of our roles are inbound, but supported early on by word-of-mouth and friend-of-friend recommendations.

Also, we are in a 1. truly underserved niche that 2. we know fairly well.
Nathan Bosia
That early momentum and advantage helped, but it was then up to us to retain it.

We earned steady, long-term goodwill and growth by

1. being good, kind people
2. producing high quality work and results
3. truly caring and focusing on adding value to the community
Nathan Bosia
Tactically, that means things like:

1. replying to every new follower and subscriber
2. not just posting jobs, but improving them (we add info that is missing if we can find it on their websites)
3. creating a Discord to help our candidates improve their applications
Rauno Metsa
Thanks, Nathan! Very helpful answers!



Founded: May 2020
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