Email signature generator for teams
I remember when you reached $2,000/mo – you've come a long way since, @TheJester12! Well done!

I'm curious what's on your roadmap, if anything?
Hey Rauno! Thanks!

The tool keeps improving. Next I'm adding the ability to invite multiple users into your account. Just added the ability to do more than 2 columns and better UI to drag their width around.

Need to get back into the groove of writing articles though!
Nice. So you're actively working on it!

I think it can be helpful for other microfounders to learn how you've been growing it?

Do people find you from Google, or do you focus specifically on marketing in some way?
Sure, my main drivers of growth have been other websites adding links and content marketing:

Mini thread:
1. Content marketing: Since I’m now an “expert” in the field of e-mail signatures 😫 I can write really high quality content that helps explain common issues or questions about them. It takes a lot of time to write a good article, and then takes time for Google to find it.
2. Other websites adding links has also been a great driver. Top ten lists and other articles like that help a lot. Was hard to get them listed originally. I was persistent but human and friendly, and some sites eventually were willing to add them.



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