Side projects as marketing πŸ“ˆ

We know that most microfounders are software engineers and marketing can be one of the hardest things for them. Why?

Because engineers enjoy creating products by writing code, not coming up with clever marketing ideas or ways to promote their startup on Reddit. Or build their "personal brand," whatever that means.

We also know that startups need marketing so others would know about them.

But what if we could combine these two? This is exactly what "side projects as marketing" is about. A few examples:

🐦 Tweetagram by Bannerbear ($37k/mo)
πŸ“¬ Subscription Score by Leave Me Alone ($3k/mo)

Then, you can write code for your marketing projects too, totally guilt-free.

As the side project is related to your main product, people who find it on search engines or elsewhere will often be interested in your main project too.

Yes, that’s also an excuse for another Product Hunt launch or Hacker News post (you can’t keep posting the same product again and again.)

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