Feel good and your microstartup succeeds ✨

"Try to avoid convincing yourself that you know exactly what you should be doing. Nothing that I’m doing now I could have imagined to be doing just a year or two ago." – 🎰 Daniel Vassallo, microfounder of Small Bets, made $3 million over the last 3 years

We all observe this in our lives, more or less. Always trying to plan our future, but looking back, it never went as we planned.

And so, when we agree that we can’t plan our life long-term, how can we create a good future for ourselves?

The answer in the startup community has been to work hard and push through. But when Twitter asks Daniel how did he determine whether his current path was right for him, he answers:

"Mostly gut feeling. A combination of: motivation, lack of anxiety, excitement, minimal procrastination, etc."

He didn’t say struggle, hustle, and think constantly about how to succeed. Daniel’s answer felt more like: take it easy and have fun, trust that it will work out just fine.

So, doesn’t this mean that if you want to succeed with your microstartup you should make feeling good your priority? Only then can you feel the excitement and be motivated to work on your product.

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