Retro font foundry

Nostalgic fonts for modern sites and systems

Rauno Metsa
How did you come up with the microstartup idea?
Pascal Pixel
Many projects, games, websites, want a retro look. I personally love pixel art and retro looking indie games. But there are no proper fonts with extended Unicode support, so you always see multiple fonts pop up for different languages in indie game settings. So why not make one that covers everything? 😄
Rauno Metsa
How did you find your first customers?
Pascal Pixel
Japanese indie game developers and YouTubers who needed Japanese support in their retro stuff.
Rauno Metsa
How are you finding your customers today?
Pascal Pixel
Twitter and Instagram!
Rauno Metsa
What's your advice for other microfounders who want to get started?
Pascal Pixel
It's always best to work on something you care about, no matter how silly it is!



Founded: Mar 2022
Age: 7m
Recurring revenue
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