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Rauno Metsa
Some of these "AI writing" startups seem to work out pretty well it seems.

I think @dannypostmaa worked on something like this and got aquired for what, 7 figures?
dannypostma.eth (✨πŸͺΆ)
Anthony N. Simon
Happy to see many indie success stories in this space!

I think what helps:

- New market, no established players yet

- Ease of adoption (eg. no need to check in with legal to use new tool, β€œjust try it” for your next post)

- Affordable pricing vs costs to create content
Anthony N. Simon
Plus killer products ofc - I remember thinking headlime was some large VC funded startup when I first saw it πŸ˜‚ so polished
Rauno Metsa
And we all know how hard it can be to write content!

Even if you're not using 100% of the generated result, it can help get over the writer's block and start moving.



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