Cold Email Studio

Cold Email as a Service
Rauno Metsa
How did you come up with the microstartup idea?
Andrew Pierno
It was literally idea # 47 on my never ending list of business ideas. I was burnt out on writing code so I picked this bc I wouldn't have to build any software.
Rauno Metsa
How did you find your first customers?
Andrew Pierno
Cold Email of course! I emailed 10 founders of recently funded startups and got 2 meetings. The rest is history :)
Rauno Metsa
How are you finding your customers today?
Andrew Pierno
- cold email
- referrals from customers
- search is just starting to work for inbound.
Rauno Metsa
What's your advice for other microfounders who want to get started?
Andrew Pierno
This was startup launch #25 for me. Yeah. I flopped 25 times before landing on something that worked and I still feel like I got lucky. Took me much longer than I thought, and I'm still not where I want to be.



Founded: Oct 2020
Age: 2y 2m
Recurring revenue
Service Cold email